The Trial Experience


What to Expect as a Participant

If you want to take part in a clinical trial, there are a few steps to do to make sure you qualify to take part. And you’ll also have a chance to learn more about the trial.

Learning More About the Study

You may be interested in a clinical trial or study because you have a disease like cancer. Your doctor may have talked to you about it. Or maybe you’ve searched online for a study near you. The first step for anyone is to learn more. Your doctor or the study team will meet with you to talk about why the study is being done. They’ll also tell you more about the risks and benefits of being in the study and what you’ll have to do. They may talk to you about whether you could qualify to be in the study. Not everyone will be able to join the study.

Time and Monetary Investment

Your study doctor can talk with you about how long the study will take. Some studies take only a few months, while others can take years. It depends on the reason for the study and how it is designed. You will not have to pay for the study drug you get in a clinical trial. You or your insurance company will be billed for the parts of the study that are for your regular medical care. It's possible your insurance may not cover all of your regular medical care costs. You are responsible for the part your insurance doesn’t pay. If you’re not sure how this applies to you, ask your doctor or the study staff. You may have extra visits to the study doctor and more tests done. You may be able to have some of your travel costs for taking part in the study paid back, like mileage and lodging. The study doctor can tell you more about this before you decide whether to take part or not.